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As two families come together for a wedding luncheon, the afternoon is immediately beset with problems. There’s a hurricane moving in on the events, and the troublesome fact that the caterers are missing their chef – whose murdered body may or may not be baking in the oven at the luncheon hall. No one is beyond suspicion, and few are innocent as the author of the unfolding story writes from the stage. Unsettled enough by writer’s block, she is besieged with worry for her missing cat and the unnerving feeling that her odd neighbor has something to do with the disappearance. Seeking to end the story and her suspicions, she turns to her most trusted friends only to uncover a darker, more startling story encroaching on her life.

Cast: (in order of appearance)

Sam – Kevin Gunnell

Vonn – Kenny Cox

Lyle – Jackson Lambie

Cathy – Debbie Miller/Cassandra Heftel

Grampa Hamburgers – Randy Dowland

Gramma Evie – Tracy Call

Author – Hillary Smith

Neighbour – Amy Shepherd

Caterers – Shayne Thompson, Seth Howarth, Carrie Christensen

Eddie – Marc Anderson

Sgt. Davies – Tanya Carney

Sgt. Harker – Bryan Spencer

Directed by, Amy Shepherd

Assistant Director, Hillary Smith

Lights & Tech, Tim Bingham & Jeff Heftel

Original music composed and performed by Devin Shepherd

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Meet Our Cast

Kevin Gunnell hales from northern Cache Valley in Idaho. He grew up as the youngest of an animated family of seven kids, watching all of his siblings in different school and community productions. He started his own onstage ventures in 7th grade as one of the small husbands in the high school production of Lil’ Abner. After this initial taste of thespianism, he performed in memorable roles such as the Pirate King (Pirates of Penzance), Tom Sawyer (Big River), and The Baker (Into The Woods) among others throughout middle and high school. Kevin and his wife Sara moved to Mt. Pleasant in 2009 and joined North Bend Entertainers in several productions and involvement with various hiatus to focus on raising their family. Kevin is excited to again be participating with this great community group and the awesome people who comprise it. Aside from theater and wrangling five kids, Kevin and Sara spend their time renovating a pioneer era home, traveling and exploring nature, playing roadie to Sara’s band(s), and attempting to do a spot of gardening between it all.

Kenny Cox is very excited to be a part of the North Bend Entertainers production of Just Desserts. Kenny loves being outdoors camping, hiking, and especially participating in anything that has wheels and or engines. He mostly loves being with and spending time with his awesome family! He is blessed to have a wonderful wife and four amazing kids that are the most cherished part of his life! He hopes you enjoy the show tonight.

Jackson Lambie is a relative newcomer to both the bright lights of the stage and Sanpete County. A few minor roles in high school Shakespeare plays are the extent of his theatre repertoire. He is excited to be a part of  Just Desserts, finally following the advice of his family members, who advised him to take up acting, “for being so dramatic.”

Debbie Miller loves to laugh and spends her days sharing that laughter and joy with the students of North Sanpete High School, and finds joy in teaching in the Special Education department. For many years Debbie and her family have been involved in the community of Fairview by creating a fun and inviting trick-or-treating environment in their home, making cotton candy and popcorn as well and planting, picking, and selling peas. Debbie enjoys time with her family and friends, and finds much joy being around the youth.

Cassandra Heftel is delighted to be performing with North Bend Entertainers in this year’s dinner theatre. Though she had temporarily stepped away from acting and choreographing for a few years, she is pleased to be back in the theatre bringing happiness, laughter, and a secret thrill of anticipation to the audience. Cassandra has had the privilege of being a part of the North Bend Entertainers before, playing Renee in this past December’s production of Scrooge MacBeth. Before that, she’s been a part of Timpanogos Valley Theatre with productions including Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma and another well-known musical, Kiss Me Kate. Her love for performing and choreographing entices her back to the theatre to perform in the suspenseful and nail-biting murder mystery…Just Desserts.

Randy Dowland may be falling apart at the seams (he’s almost bionic by now), but he is still addicted and devoted to our community theatre. He loves to be onstage and in the middle of all the action. He is always willing to give his all for the success of our productions, and is so much fun to work with on and off the stage. When he isn’t doing theatre or having another parts replacement, he works hard for his business and does beautiful tiling work. He enjoys spending time with his family and giving everyone a hard time – and taking it back as well!

Tracy Call would like to thank the Academy for giving her the Oscar for the longest running role as a crazy, eccentric, strangely dressed and incredibly weird OLD woman!!  Oh wait….she does that every day!

Hillary Smith is so excited to be back onstage! She is thrilled to be playing the role of Author in this show, and has loved being able to spend time with this awesome cast. She has had the privilege to be involved in several plays now, and while she’s tried her hand at directing and co/assistant directing, being onstage is still her favorite. When she isn’t onstage, Hillary enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, and animals. Some of her other favorite things include movies, music, reading, 4-wheeling, camping, and traveling. She loves to laugh and hates contention. She hopes the audience will have a fantastic experience with this production, and that it’ll keep you coming back for more! Thank you so much for your support!!

Amy Shepherd has truly enjoyed another turn on the directing carousel with North Bend Entertainers in this production of Just Desserts. Portraying the Neighbor as well as directing has been an exciting challenge for her. She last directed Wait Until Dark with NBE in 2021. Her acting roles in the last several seasons with NBE have included M’lynn in Steel Magnolias, Big Earl Ella in Daddy’s Girl, Jo in Miracle at the Monty and Penelope in See How They Run. Amy has been lost in the theatre arts since childhood, pursuing all aspects of the craft throughout her life. Be it with makeup, costume,  lighting plots, power tools and paint, the written word, or the spoken emotion, she hopes only to tell a good story that sticks. She wishes to express her most sincere thanks to the North Bend Entertainers for trusting her, once again, with the reins of a show. To her beloved family, she deeply appreciates their support and patience as she wrangles passion while all tangled up in life.

Shayne Thompson is back onstage by popular demand after his amazing dancing and “blood” -tossing techniques were unleashed on the audiences this past December, in North Bend Entertainer’s production of Scrooge Macbeth. He has been hiding his talents long enough and has discovered his love for the theatre, and the fever has set in. He has also been seen emceeing for the Miss Fairview Pageant, where he recently shared his adoration for Taylor Swift. He has a wonderful sense of humor and a calming influence on everyone around him. He has no enemies because nobody can NOT like Shayne. Shayne appreciates the support of his adoring fans in this community, as well as his amazing family (his biggest fans).

Seth Howarth is thrilled to be part of Just Desserts! Past credits include Julien Dufayled in Amelie, Zeke Matthews in Goosebumps: The Phantom of the Auditorium, and Father Dupin in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. When not on stage, Seth enjoys hanging out with friends and attending school events. Seth would like to thank his friends and family for their support and for coming to the show.

Carrie Christensen was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant.  She attended NSHS where she played Wallflower #2 in the school play Grease, with perfection.  Over the past couple of years she joined with North Bend Entertainers to play Alice in the comedy Miracle at the Monty and Maudie in Daddy’s Girl. When she is not performing, she teaches kindergarten and enjoys the company of five-year-olds, because they make her laugh every day. She loves spending time with her grandson, granddaughter, and three daughters, and appreciates their love and support.  Thank you to everyone for coming tonight!

Marc Anderson enjoys working with the North Bend Entertainers in many capacities, and devotes a lot of his time and effort to the cause – even though he has plenty to keep him busy already. He is a great supporter of this community theatre, and is always willing to help in any way he is needed. He applies that same willingness in all areas of his life. Not only does he have great talent onstage, but he is also often helping behind the scenes in NBE productions as well as others his wife and kids are consistently involved with. He has a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh, and is among the most kind-hearted people with whom you would ever want to come in contact.

Tanya Carney has been enjoying her time playing Sergeant Gertie Davies in this show. Some of her earlier experiences onstage includes the production of My Fair Lady in high school, and she more recently returned to the stage in 2022 in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. She absolutely loves being part of our local theatre community and is so excited to be part of this amazing cast! When not involved with theatre, she enjoys reading, refinishing furniture pieces, and crocheting. Tanya would like to thank her Heavenly Father for bringing theatre back into her life, and her amazing family for their support and sacrifice of their time so she can be a part of this.

Bryan Spencer loves spending time with North Bend Entertainers and has taken on many roles in productions, both on and offstage. His acting roles have brought out sides of him you’d never otherwise see offstage. When not acting, Bryan is spending time with his family and friends and helping to provide equipment for patients’ medical needs at work or designing projects for clients. He is creative, funny, a good friend, and a genuinely caring person.