North Bend Entertainers is a non-profit community theatre organization. NBE began as a result of a need to save the Fairview Dance Hall. Fairview citizen Cliff Wheeler took up the challenge and organized NBE with Diana Compton, Ruth Lyons, Pat Richins, Sue Rasmussen, Pamella Rigby and Eileen Cox on the original board.

Currently, Randy Dowland serves as President, Hillary Smith as Vice-President,  and Janet Dowland as Secretary.  Other Board members include: Marc Anderson, Sarah Anderson, Tracy Call, Carrie Christensen, Ryan Cox, Nicole Dowland, Dawnave Funk, Jason Quinn, KayD Quinn, Amy Shepherd, Ryan Smith, Bryan Spencer

The three-fold purpose of North Bend Entertainers is (1) to raise funds to maintain the historic Peterson Dance Hall in Fairview as a theatrical showcase and a gathering place to benefit the entire community  (2) to provide a setting for local entertainers to showcase their talents (3) to provide quality entertainment at affordable prices for the community.